Shop Local

Sep 23rd 2020

Shop Local

#10: Your local economy will benefit.
More money means more jobs for residents and increased tax revenues for local government.

#9: Avoid Black Friday shopping…wait one more day and benefit from discounts from your local stores and a better, calmer overall shopping experience.

#8: More unique goods. You’ll often find locally made or just plain “different” items in your local retailer.

#7: Shopping local is better for the environment. Whether your online orders come by boat, plane or truck, it all takes a toll on the environment.

#6: More local jobs. Independent shops create local employment and self-employment. These people in turn spend money in their local community.

#5: Support for Nonprofits. Local retailers support their community. They feel the need and give back.

#4: Personal Connection. Get to know your local shop owners. The sense of community you’ll receive is not to be beat.

#3: Product Knowledge. Local stores provide top notch service and knowledge not found in any big box or online store.

#2: Better Service. Local store owners are completely passionate about their particular business. They do what they do because they love it. And it will show.

#1: Support Future Growth. Small businesses are the backbone of their communities. Representing 99.7% of all employer firms (U.S. Small Business Administration), and since 1995 they have generated 64% of new jobs and paid 44% of the total U.S. private payroll. In addition to jobs, small businesses bring change and innovation to the community, and they support each other to encourage local prosperity.